About Self Leveling Resin Flooring

Although the term ‘self leveling resin flooring’ is most frequently used to describe flowable resin floor screeds, it is not strictly true; so ‘self-smoothing’, ‘flowable’ or ‘flow-applied’ are more accurate descriptions. The term self-leveling suggests that it is possible to pour the resin screed on to an unlevel surface and it will hide all of the imperfections to give a perfectly level floor. However, surface potholes, undulations and out-of-level floors should be repaired/addressed prior to applying a flowable screed, because it will simply follow the profile of the floor, smoothing itself over the profile of the undulations.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • Outstanding chemical, acid and alkali resistance
  • Good  abrasion resistance and wear properties
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Superior compressive strength and ability to withstand heavy point loads
  • Great flexural and tensile strengths for durability
  • Eco-friendly, solvent-free systems with zero VOC
  • LEED point contribution for both new and refurbished floors
  • Non-ambering clear coats and color-stable pigmented systems
  • Light reflective, high gloss or satin finishes
  • Quick and easy clean-up, with minimal maintenance needs
  • Full range of easily customizable color options
  • Low life-cycle cost and incredible long-lasting flooring value
self levelling resin flooring
epoxy self levelling resin flooring

Epoxy Self Leveling Resin Floors

DEKO DECOL is an epoxy self leveling resin floor laid at 2-3 mm with a smooth high glossy finish. It suits medium duty applications, has good chemical and excellent abrasion and wear resistance. Suitable for industrial applications such as food, beverage, engineering and chemical processing / manufacture.

It’s glossy easy to clean hygienic surface finish make it ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, labs and schools. It’s high gloss finish also lends itself to areas where highly durable decorative floor finishes are required such as hotels, lobbies, receptions, stadiums, transport exchanges, railway stations, airports etc. It is also ideal for private houses thanks to it’s high resistance and glossy effect creating a mirror effect.

DEKO DECOL comes in any RAL colour and can be further protected by a transparent polyurethane coat like DEKO C600+

Polyurethane Self Leveling Resin Floors

DEKO USL 400 has excellent abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance and is resistant to thermal shock. Classified as non-tainting and food safe it this self-levelling resin floor is suitable for restaurants, cafes, commercial kitchens, butchers, bakeries, food and beverage processing / manufacturing and packaging facilities.

It is used in labs, pharmaceuticals and test facilities smooth matt or glossy hygienic surface makes it easy to clean. Able to withstand heavy plant and traffic it is also used in automotive and aviation production areas, workshops, chemical plants and other industrial areas.

However, it can also be used as an extremely hardwearing decorative seamless floor finish in areas with high footfall such as conference centres, shopping centres, department stores and lobbies.

polyurethane self levelling resin flooring


Epoxy Self Levelling Resin Flooring

Epoxy Self Leveling Resin Flooring

    1. Surface preparation and application of Deko P100
    2. Application 1st layer of Deko Decol
    3. Application 2nd layer of Deko C600+

Polyurethane Self Leveling Resin Flooring

    1. Surface preparation and application of Deko P100
    2. Application 1st layer of Deko USL400
    3. Application 2nd layer of Deko C610
Polyurethane Self Levelling Resin Flooring

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